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1000 Words of Wisdom: The Secrets to Writing A Successful Fiction/Fantasy Short Story (A Beginners Guide)

My goal for this class is to share my personal experiences in writing, in hopes of helping out other writers! Taking the first step is the hardest, so this class is centered for beginners. I hope we can all help out each other because helpful critique and advice is the best way to move forward! By limiting this project to only fiction and fantasy I hope to really see your creativity! I believe that writing fiction and fantasy stories really lets you completly create a story and have it play out whichever way you want (which is extremely fun). But don't worry, sometimes the most realistic and believable stories are based off real-life experiences, so if that's the way you want to go, great! 


Here's our project (don't worry I'll guide you along the way!): 

Write a short story using only 1000 words or less. Your story should teach the readers a lesson in the end, which is incorporated into the story. Which lesson you choose to teach is up to your choice, but can be based on your own personal experience (which you would like to share) or entirely fictional!

Our goal is to provide our experiences, helping others around us and maybe share interesting or inspring stories. 

Remember to keep your characters' personalities interesting and distinct and don't be afraid to let your imagination fly! Always incorporate your personal voice into your story to make it more unique. 

Stay determined and your hard work will pay off! Have fun with this!

Click here for a Basic Video Outline!


Let's get started with the Introduction Video, where I talk a bit about myself and this class. If you're in a hurry, you may skip this video. 

[More videos on the way!]


P. S. I would love any of your suggestions or comments on how I teach, how I organize my class, and especially what you would like me to talk about or improve.

If you have any personal questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] 


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