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1000 Follower Goal! Studio Beest

A few weeks ago I started the instagram @studio_beest for our animal photography business. After that we were a bit lazy and didn't really give it a lot attention. 

After watching the course I started applying what I had learned. 

I will try to keep a journal-ish thing with the mayor events and findings until I reach the 1000-follower goal. 

DAY 1 - 29/4/2016 - Ready, set, follow!

What I did today:

Found a few popular instagram accounts in my niche.
Made a list of relevent tags for my niche.

1 post with 10 relevent tags 

Follow everybody
At least that is how it felt. 
I followed a lot of followers of the popular accounts and also followed the people that recently liked posts of those accounts. 

Some results:

  • went from 40 followers to 114 in 1 hour (+74 followers)
  • currently following way too many accounts for my taste (482)
  • received a lot of likes also (>100)
  • also got some traffic to the website (3)


DAY 11 - 9/5/2016 - Steady on.

What I did so far:

Research more specific instagrams 
I found out that in my enthousiasme, I didn't consider the fact that we're a Dutch business. So its cool to have a lot of followers, but it would be way cooler to have a lot of Dutch followers. 
It took some more digging to find suitable popular Dutch instagram profiles. But I found a few and followed a lot of the followers/likes. 
It's going slower then at the start. I guess mostly because the Netherlands is not so big. If your an American account, you can get a 1000 followers a lot faster. But no excuses, the goal is still to reach a 1000 within a month. 

Plan and post
With the Later app I planned in posts for 2 weeks in advance. This was really helpfull. The weather here is super good right now, so if it wasn't for my pre-planned post, I would be to lazy or forget about it completely.  

Un-Follow almost everybody
Now it's time to slowly let go of all the people I'm following. There are a few I want to keep following, but it's gonna be a bit of work to un-follow the majoraty. 

Some results:

  • went from 114 followers to 418 in the last 10 days (+304)
  • currently following thousands (1418)
  • received a lot of likes, now average 75 likes per post (>100)
  • more traffic to the website, also mostly my Dutch target group



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