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100 days of flowers

d80620e8eb747208ea40604775f168a8After making a LONG list of what I could do every day for 100 days, I decided that I was going to do illustrations of flowers in whatever medium  catches my fancy on any given day. This way I'm not painting myself into a corner and then quit because I'm bored. Preferably, I want to do it early in the morning because it puts me in a good mood for the day and makes me want to jump out of bed because something fun to do  awaits me on my drawing table. I chose flowers because I love them and want to get really good at depicting them in various medium and i'm curious to see what will develop out of it. I have already prepared 100 sheets of watercolour paper that measure 4:5 x 6 inches and numbered them. The pile is on my desk, ready to go. I'll visit our local thrift shop to find a metal box to store the sheets of paper as I go. I'll also gather all the photos and books of flowers I have scattered all over the house so  that I have visual references close by to inspire me if I run out of ideas. If I make things easy and convenient it will be easier for me to sit at my drawing table and just do it. I'm setting myself up for success! Today I'm at Day 3. The mandala flower I did just gave me some ideas for bigger ones I'd like to try. This promises to be an interesting and creative 100 day challenge!

(April 24,2019) Day 9 already! So far so good! I'm enjoying painting and drawing flowers using different techniques every day. I'm glad I chose a small format  to work with. It's easy and fun and doesn't take me more than about 15-20 minutes to do. So no excuses not to do it! 

May 17, 2019 — 32 DAYS DONE!!!

I managed to keep my promise to mayself and make a flower drawing a day, every day! I'm including  photos for days 31 and 32 that didn't fit in the group photo. Looking forward to day 33!


June 4, 2019 - just finished number 50!!!

I've reached the half-way mark!!! I'm still looking forward to drawing my next flower so all is well. I'm enjoying using watercolour mostly and I'm really enjoying experiment. I never know in advance what I'll be creating but watercolour has become my medium of choice and I'm trying all sorts of experiments and colour combinations. Tomorrow I'm going to buy myself a bouquet of fresch flowers to celebrate! I'm not bored yet so I'll continue since I'm still enjoying the process. 







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