100 days of floral sketching

So... As always, after watching this class I had about 15 different ideas for 100-day/30-day/500-day projects and it was hard to choose. Each project seems to be just as important as any other.


  • Exploring illustration (expanding my portfolio and getting more comfortable with sketching, exploring the medium, exploring colour)
  • Product development (I'm at a weird point of having an etsy and not having products even though I really really want to! it would include working on my Etsy, sketching ideas and developing them in a more organic way than I have before)
  • Starting a blog on my website
  • Starting a newsletter
  • I asked myself, what is the one project which will actually create a basis for some of the other projects on my list? And it is (drum rolls...) the Illustration project. Through it, I will be able to develop more of a style, get comfortable with sketching quicker and more mindfully, and just have fun exploring and hopefully learning more about what I like and what I want. 

I will also be able to use the illustrations for product development and write a blog about the experience. That way it could easily transition into another 100 days of being focused on something else.

It's finally time for me to give myself a break and focus on having fun drawing, because without that what's the point of trying to be an illustrator?!


Length: 100 days, min. 15 minutes a day

Schedule: 6 out of 7 days a week is a win, but aim for 7 out of 7 for habit.

A) At lunch (throughout quarantine) or

B) After work before anything else

Exact deliverable: A floral sketch, either from my head or from a library of images I compiled prior to starting the project. It has to be done in a sketchbook.

Other parameters: I am allowed twice a week to go back to a sketch that I liked and re-do it, explore it further, etc. These days I can use my iPad.


  • Day 1-20: simple line sketching also inc. the domestika class
  • Day 20-40: (starts May 11th) exploring colour (inc. skillshare and domestika classes)
  • Day 40-60: (starts May 31st) exploring patterns
  • Day 60-100? (starts June 20th) See what I like and make plan forward. Maybe start adding lettering or a character?

Launch day: 20/04 Monday. Things to do beforehand: compile a library of images to pull from and any other inspiration. Make a list of prompts to draw on if mind is blank.

Accountability: Post to IG story and save as a highlight. Once a week post to feed (I can choose which sketch or use part of one.

End Goal: Have a 100-piece project that can go in my portfolio as a drawing exercise, explore different styles and colour palettes.

Why? I keep being very harsh with myself and expecting to be an expert before I even tried anything. I spend more time thinking about doing something and how good it would be, instead of actually doing it, so let's finally fucking DO IT! And get better! 


Anita Kwiecien
Designer, Letterer, Maker