100 days of discovering myself

I'm completely new to the 100 days project concept but the name of the class drew me to it as I'm currently struggling to find a creative outlet. Now I've never considered myself a creative person but feel deep inside myself if I tried I could become one? I created a list and was very close to not posting anything here cause I thought my words were silly or not good enough, however, your class showed me that it's okay to be basic, it's okay to start somewhere and see where it takes me, so here are some of my ideas...

100 days of designing using Canva

I would like to start by creating posters with my favorite quotes?

100 days of Photoshop

I know nothing about it, so maybe researching and learning count

100 days of 10-min activities with my children

Be more intentional about the way I approach our downtime

100 days of meditation

I'm not sure about this one yet but feel compelled to learning more about it and including it as part of my self-care routine

100 days of writing my thoughts

Journaling as a way to explore my own mind

I think seeing my words here, out and in the open, for anyone to see may give me that little push I feel I'm still missing to start and commit with my protect. I gave myself three days to choose one, April 20th.