100 days of Digital Art

100 days of Digital Art - student project

What originally peaked my interest for the 100 day project was self isolation, after spending one month inside because of COVID (and my studies being canceled), I needed some stimulation.

My goal for 100 days, is to work on my digital ark skills using Procreate on the iPad. I plan on drawing something everyday to use to cheer myself, friends (and whoever reading this) up with funny cartoons or whatever is brought to my mind that day. 


I look forward to seeing my progress throughout these one hundred days.




Artwork One:

I have been playing animal crossing alot lately since it came out and today I decided to draw a bag of bells (the main form of currency in the game). I blurred out a swear word to make the picture safe for work

 100 days of Digital Art - image 1 - student project







Artwork Two:

Due to COVID, I think the world is lacking intimacy: all this social distancing is great to stop the virus; but it seems everywhere I look people are yearning for touch, for communication and for a sense of community. Well, I know at least I am. 

So I grew two people cuddling, normally I would never draw people, and I honestly don’t remember the last time I even attempted, so this drawing was completely out of my comfort zone.

I went with a cartoony style.

 100 days of Digital Art - image 2 - student project


A few days in between; I drew a few personal artworks that I would prefer not to sharing



Artwork 3

Today is close to Easter: so I decided to draw this for a friend. Next drawing, I think will be a 'social distance hug' drawing to send to all my friends during COVID. 

100 days of Digital Art - image 3 - student project


Artwork 4

My social distance hug inspired picture. I sent this picture to all my friends to show I’m thinking of them, without leaving my house : I think everyone is missing human interaction

 100 days of Digital Art - image 4 - student project









Artwork 5

This artwork took a little longer than my first 4. I've been feeling really sad lately, and for me, this is a self portrait of how I feel

100 days of Digital Art - image 5 - student project


Artwork 6

I'm starting to feel my creative style develop :) which is very exciting100 days of Digital Art - image 6 - student project

at least im trying lol