100 days drawing things from my kitchen


100 days drawing things from my kitchen - image 1 - student projectI recently got a big sketchbook from my husband, and I still didn't know how to use it. When I took this class, I decided to start my drawing project for 100 days in this new sketchbook. I didn't want it to be anything too complicated or to discourage me halfway. So I decided to keep things simple and design elements that are part of my kitchen. This ranges from a colander, to garlic, molds, cups, recipes, food packaging ... anyway, I think it is a simple and at the same time comprehensive topic, and it encourages me to know that at the end of those 100 days I will have expanded my repertoire of hand-drawn motifs, and so who knows, I might be able to continue one of the projects I have to make "illustrated recipes" cards.

The page size is A3, so what I intend to do is to fill one page a day, on a chosen item, and vary the materials, such as pencil, pen, watercolor, gouache, etc.

Lu Haddad
Surface Pattern Designer