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100 Trees in 30 Days!

Hi, I'm Donalee and I'm a full time studio artist.  I retired after 25 years from silversmithing 3 years ago. I'm loving skillshare!  The item I've chosen is the TREE.  I've been working on a 'Abstract Tree' series of art quilts (quilts that will never be used on a bed, but hung on the wall) for the past couple of years. I LOVE trees!  Project photo is a 4'x4' wall quilt titled '5 Generations Pine Tree' I made for a show I was involved with.  It reminds me of a tree I and 4 other generations of mine have picniced under over the past several decades.  


I did the exercise with the word association and that was helpful.  I felt like I had a ton of ideas, I have to admit I think in the back of my mind I chose a tree because I'd have lots of good ideas about them since I've been studing them for a while now.  But after doing a few, I feel a little drained??  Weird!  

Here are #1-9 of my 100 trees. 


I'd say I need a little work on my techniques, wouldn't you say? But it's freeing knowing this is more about the ideas!   


10-14 are printed from rubber stamps I carved out of scraps.  15 is markers. 


This has been fun today.... I've got more done but no time to upload today.  There will be more tomorrow!  Thanks Faye this is a really great exercise. 


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