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100 Suns

Just a start - not refined like everyone elses, I've just chucked ideas down on paper! As you can see I struggled to draw an equal star, so that says something about my drawing abilities!

The going is getting tough now! Am I heading in the right direction here?



After seeing all of the excellent projects here I decided to computerise a few of the ideas I had (and also play with the fonts and try to tell a story using them as taught in your Typography class Faye!).

I've only completed one of the two designs I plan on computerising as it took me a while to get the infinity symbol as I wanted it!


There are two versions; one 'infinite', and one 'finite':

1) The infinite version is based on the idea that our sun is an eternal source of energy, harbouring our planet in safety forever.

2) The finite version is a different take on the sun, based on the fact that our sun is not limitless in its energy supply. I chose an hourglass with an empty bottom to represent the permanent loss of energy over time.

Both illustrations feature time as core elements as I feel that time is an exceptionally impactful topic. Maybe that's just because I'm a bit of a sci-fi geek though!

With regards to the text and font chosen below;

I chose the word 'our' and the font choice to endear the reader to the sun and make it personal.

I made the 'SUN' text large, because the sun itself is huge, and it's the central topic here. I chose the colour red to make it stand out, and because the colour red is suggestive of the sun itself.

I chose a hardened font for the word infinite and deliberately stretched it out, spilling the edges of the text over the border to suggest that it is limitless.

I added a little comma for some drama, not too sure about that though.

And I chose a really delicate, light font for the word finite to suggest fragility, and pressed the characters together closer. I also faded finite slightly from dark grey to a lighter shade to hint at an ending.

Not too sure if I used too many different typefaces, but whatever!





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