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100 Project - Leaf!

Hello! This is the first Skillshare project I've actually posted in, one of my new years resolution is to commit to these classes and post more!

I really enjoyed this class and its helped to inspire and remind me of the creative processes that are so enjoyable at the start of a new project....and also made me feel better to know that the 'slump' in the middle of a project is normal!

I decided to use the LEAF symbol, here is my brainstorm diagram:


I went to Pinterest for some research (could easily fall down a cyber rabbit hole in Pinterest and only come up for air 3 hours later):


started off with some pen/pencil/coloured pencil leaves:


I went outside and snapped some photos, luckily it was a sunny day which is a rarity for January in Dublin!! 



I used these images and added colour and quick & dirty lettering in Photoshop:




Using colour pencil in my sketchbook, I worked on lettering styles using leaves - capital K below:


Then it was time to raid the kitchen!

I had some spinach in the fridge, so I made a collage in the shape of a large leaf with photography and Photoshop:


I used flour (that expired 3 years ago so probably needs to be thrown out) to create a leaf shape on the back of my sketchbook:


I also had some loose green tea leaves that had escaped from the bag - so used the dried leaves to create different leaf shapes, Tea leaf leaves!


Some more doodles with thick black marker and pink pen focusing on simple shapes and minimal detail:




Collage with pen/pencil/tea leaves/photography:


And then some more pen and lettering doodles in my sketchbook.


I'm not entirely sure of my Leaf count so far, but I have to crack into the paints, also would like to make some vector shapes and work on a longer quote so I can practice my lettering which is something I'd like to improve.

Thanks for this class Faye, really enjoying working on the #100project and trying my best to commit to this to the very end!! 



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