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100 Leaves

I choose LEAVES and here's my image of first 6 leaves.




Moodboard: https://uk.pinterest.com/zievab/moodboard-leaves/


I didn't like my leaves created on the 1st day, so I redid them :) Besides, I want them all to be on separate pieces of paper (or other material), so I could assemble them when I finish the project.

Ha ha, just discovered how to change size of images in the project :D (EDIT: what's the point of letting people resize images, if after saving they are enlarged to the entire width of the project field anyway?)

So here are 6 "first" leaf designs - used an artist's pen, fineliner, a Magic Koh-i-noor Pencil (love it!), black and white gel pens and a white permanent crayon. The last two pieces, of today, are embroidered on felt.




Today I created one collaged leaf using technique I saw on Pinterest. And also a yin-yang inspired design, of which I made two versions, in my opinion distinct enough to be counted as individual pieces. And a tiny tattoo of a four leaf clover in fineliner on my forearm.

Ah, I forgot to rotate the BW yin-yan design... Maybe I'll update it later :)


DAY ? I guess it'll be more convenient to replace days with sets :) So...

SET 3 (TOTAL 18)

1st image is a collaged wreath using 3 different handmade papers. In 2nd image I was inspired by a recycling logo, and got this minimal design, which I think I'll vectorise to make it neater. The last image is simply a rubbing of a dried leaf using a graphite pencil.


Some doodles again. I tried for a an elegant medieval look in image 1 and almost ruined it, since I chose an artist's pen which was too thick for an a5 format. But I managed to salvage the pattern by lightening the stems with white dots. And actually it looks better than I first thought (when I was ready to throw it away but stopped myself in time). Image 2 is another vines pattern on watercolour wash. And in image 3 I tried to replicate leaf veins. I worried it looked more like those fan corals but it looks ok in a photo and when you distance yourself from the image :) The last image was done on a paper rolled over with blockprint ink.


Here's a closer look of the last image.


And a few leftover ideas for another set of leaves.


Leaves 19-22


Leaves 23-32

My record number of leaves in a day! :) Wanted to do a few quick designs and also almost ran out of original ideas, so decided to try out a few printing techniques.

All 10 leaves drying on a wall.


I like how the 1st leaf turned out, almost like a negative. Just rolled ink on it and then placed paper on it and brushed with a plastic card to make as much detail visible as possible. Other surfaces and techniques used: green tissue paper on a book page, marker pen, and a piece of gold gift ribbon which I flattened and cut into a shape.


The next 4: brown craft paper, a piece of green tissue paper painted with acrylics, my favourite of this set - made a leaf shaped watercolour wash, and did a monoprint with one half still damp, didn't know what to expect, but certainly happy with the result. And the last one was monoprinted on paper covered in printing ink (when I have more leftover ink which I don't want to waste, I roll it on some paper for later use for collages or in digital work).


Last 2: monoprinted the skeleton, then rolled ink on a handmade foam stamp and pressed it on paper. And finally a little experiment on negative space.

1/3 of the project done!



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