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100 Ideas for 100 Day Projects...

I loved how to-the-point this class was. And with April 2nd being just around the corner, it was the perfect timing! I have never done a 100 Day Project before but I feel like this year is the year to join : )

Now it's time to pick a project... Why does choosing has to be this difficult???

I loved the questions "What can be done only by you?" and "Which one would you regret not doing?" They actually help with the choosing part.

We just set the date for our wedding with my fiancé and it's August 2nd - almost 100 days away. I am thinking something about marriage or finally cleaning out my childhood stuff from my mother's house could work.

However I will also be attending the Skill Camp in Memphis on April 4th & 5th so I will be away from home until the 11th. That makes me lean towards something more mobile. Let's see...


One thing I know for sure is that I want to focus on lettering and / or illustration. Some of my ideas so far are...


100 Days of Goodbyes
to things from my past and people I have lost.
I'm thinking this might be a bit too sad.

100 Projects I Would Like to Work On

100 of my Favorite Books (or 100 Re-Covers for my Favorite Books)

100 People That Have Touched my Heart
Sort of like a "Thank You" series.

100 Things I Expect from My Marriage (100 Wows?)

100 Cups of Coffee - Coffee and Lettering Time
I began hand-lettering during my morning coffee breaks before I went to work as I was working fulltime. So maybe now I might turn it into a series.

100 TED Talks - SketchNotes
I love listening to TED Talks and taking notes. It could be fun to turn those notes into "sketch notes" but to be realistic it would take too much time and I agree that instead of doing 3 days of 90-minute projects I would rather complete the 100 days.

100 Diet Myths and What Works
I actually lost almost 30 kg and I want to turn that into a coloring book idea with tactics that have helped me. Maybe this project could be the beginning.

100 Items from my Childhood
I want to call this: Moving out of Neverland :D But like I said, I will be away from home until the 11th, so if I decide to do this I need to find a creative solution.

100 Things that I Wish Existed

100 Decisions I Make (As Someone Who Doesn’t Like Making Decisions)

100 No’s (From Someone Who Doesn’t Like Saying No)

100 Friends from Around the World

100 Doodles for My First Print Collection
(I could draw these separately and then make a repeat pattern from all of them.)

100 Details from My Everyday Life
(So far this might be the most do-able one...)

100 Thoughts that Run Through My Head
(I especially love this since it will cause me to be mindful about what I’m thinking - and I might just begin thinking more positive thoughts.)

100 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me (Or 100 Things I Wish People Hadn’t Told Me)

100 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

100 Recipes I Want to Master

100 Snacks That Go Well with Beer

100 Items I Always Want Around
(I am also pulled to this as I want a more minimalist life. Focusing on what I want rather than what I don't want might be a good idea.)

100 Days of Summer

100 Postcards I Sent via Postcrossing (To those who don’t mind handmade cards.)

100 Days - 100 Colors (Lettering and Details)

100 Quotes from Favorite TV Shows

100 Reasons I Don’t Miss Working in an Office (or fulltime)

100 Reasons I Love Being a Freelancer (Pictures and Lettering)
(I like this one too and it could turn into something promotional maybe.)

100 Notebooks I Own and Love
(Some of them untouched, some used...)

100 Movies I Can Watch Again and Again (And occasionally do…)

100 Items in My Wardrobe
(My journey in trying to achieve a capsule wardrobe)

100 Items I Could Live With (Or actually, leave with?)

100 Reasons I Love Istanbul
(It's my hometown and I love it. Actually it's a love-hate relationship but it is still very beautiful and inspirational despite the chaos.)




Yep, this is it for now. Would you believe I actually narrowed some down from my original list? Now I have 2 days before I make a pick. Luckily I have an 18-hour flight from Istanbul to Memphis tomorrow night, so I'll have plenty of time to figure it out :D

I appreciate any advice...


Looking forward to the 100-Day Project!


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