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Jillian Gomez

Cross Stitch Pattern Designer



100 Hearts by Jillian


A quick brainstorm at my desk at work.


Mood board on Pinterest. Hoping to work more towards drawn designs rather than crafts for this project to try and stretch myself a bit since I am naturally drawn to the crafting side.


I took the advice of Faye and just did 5 images right away to get started. They aren't the best, but I did them quickly in my work cubicle just to get the project going.


I am doing a big undertaking by doing this class WHILE also trying to learn illustrator. This is a mix of both. I drew a heart and used the rotate tool to creat these flowers out of a heart, and then filled them throughout to take the shape of a larger heart. It definitely isn't where I want my work to be but it served a purpose to help me learn the technical side of illustrator.


Made this heart balloon while learning about different Distort & Transform tools in Illustrator.


Worked in illustrator to learn how to make a color group from a photo, and then worked with Align to make this grid. Then used Recolor Artwork to "Randomly Change Color Order" until I found what I liked.


Kept working in Illustrator for this one. I have recently become addicted to the Japanese Cat Collecting App called Neko Atsume. I used an image online to trace a few different cats using the blob brush and then recolored them and put them in a clipping mask.


Finally figured out repeating patterns in illustrator. Woohoo! 


A new repeating pattern featuring something else that i love- DONUTS. Do we see a junk food pattern showing up in the things I love? Maybe I'll have to do some healthier options soon!


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