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100 Flowers

I have been working on this project for a while and will try to figure out a way to get everything uploaded without it taking up too much space.  LOL


Here is a list of 101 different flowers that I used to begin my 100 Flowers project.  If time wasn't a factor in my completion of this project I would maybe be overly ambitioous and attemp to create 100 flower each in a number of different platforms: pencil, pen & ink, painting, scuplture, stamping, etc...


Here are the first 12 flowers I completed.  They are all pencil sketches. Too bad my "title" on this page is total crap,


These 8 flowers were all done in watercolors.


There are actually 84 of these, although they are not all shown here.  Unfortunately, my scanner bed didn't fit the page.  There is 1 of each style in each of 42 colors punched out of paint chips. 




Here are a 12 of the flower photos that I took and have finally been able to upload.  I took these photos at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.

I had a number of other ideas to complete this project.  I have about 45-50 photos I took of flowers (but that's too much to try to upload here), I had a number of found objects (various wine corks, a mascara wand, kitchen brush, various stamps <potato, rubber, etc.> to create images with in addition to  clay & wire for sculptures.  Due to time constraints with my job & life in general I don't have the time to complete the project the way I would have preferred to. While I've completed the required 100 flowers, if I am able to complete the additional flowers I've mentioned I will post them too... Maybe I'll reach 200. LOL

Any and all thoughts and/or comments are greatly apperciated.I hope you enjoy looking as the efforts shown here. 


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