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Sigrun Linda Karlsdottir

Happy Arty Farty



100 Flowers

Hi you all :)

I started my project last night and this is what I have made so far. I Hope I can do some more today.

I don´t like all of them but decided to show it anyway because of what Faye said in the video... show your mistakes also :)


Yesterday I had some free time. I went through my house looking for everything with a flower on it or made some flower shape out of something, and I had to be quick because the daylight does not last so long here in Iceland in January :) I realized that I dont have so many things with flowers on hehe :) ....I needed the daylight for photographing ;)


Here are some paintings from my Art Journal that has flowers in them...  not many though :) that is the reason I choose flowers... I want to become better at them ;)

This one I made at Life Book 2016 Tamara Laporte´s lesson for January called the Happy Traveller.


... and this one I made on Life Book 2014 lesson with Serena Bridgeman


... and this on I made during Tascha Parkinson´s lesson on Life Book 2014


.........................Now there are 26 flowers................................

Part of my moodboard on Pinteres.


Flowers I made with the kids clay yesterday :) and a one tomato.


Hi :) yestarday (Jan 26) I did these flowers, did not have much time. I used washy tape and acrylic pens :) loved doing thouse, they are Carla Sonheim inspired, did Life Book 2014 and she was one of the teachers there.
Sorry for a bad photo, the lighting was very blue today, probably because of the snow outside :D

If I am right the flowers are 44 already!! :) 


Today I painted this lady in my sketch book because this weeks project on Life Book 2016 is flower painting with Pauline Agnew !! What a coincidence.
So this is my flower nr.45 <3


The painting I did yesterday I counted as one flower :) 
Today (January 29) I did experiments with making some flowers like on the painting, but now on a black paper, sometimes repeating the same flower with different colors, also I made some white flowers on another black paper... LOVE using black paper with my acrylics markers!!! This is so much FUN! Thank you so much for this challange.

*** 77 flowers already!!! *** :D


... and here are the white flowers :)


More flowers! :) 12 flowers.... now they are 89!

I was making salat yesterday and made a flower with the Spinat :P 
I also got a new skirt and made a photo of the lovely flowerpattern :)
And lastly I made some flowers out of seeglass <3 LOVE collectim them from the shore here in Iceland.






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