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100 Days

So I came up with a few options including:

- 100 Days of Podcast icons (this feeds into the fact that I want to start a podcast)

- 100 Days of Illustrated Korean Words (I'm trying to learn the language and it is easier for me to learn with a picture attached to them.)

- 100 Days of Illustrating Songs

- 100 Days of Illustrating Story scenes

- 100 Days of Portraits

- 100 Days of Story Cube pictures (I love story cubes and think it would be interesting to use them to create pictures.)


Due to time constraints and my normal upload schedule for Instagram, I think the one I could actually do while staying interested in it would be the Illustrated Korean. I also think the best thing I can do before it begins (since I'm going to do the official dates) is to make a list of words for the project. I want them to be words that I will find useful for me or are interesting, but aren't so abstract that I can't draw something for them. 

And here is the first day of my challenge.



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