100 Days of Sketchbook Practice

100 Days of Sketchbook Practice - image 1 - student project

I love to draw, but/and I have the 'fear-of-the-blank-page'-syndrom, besides being a perfectionist... So, I decided to start a 100 Day project, that could be accomplished by Jan 1st 2017.

I am going to sketch at least 5 days a week 1 page (or spend 10 minutes on sketch). I will fit this in my morning routine, before starting my workday.

Launch date is TODAY, and I will post my daily sketch on Instagram (@marjoleinvbm) and use a calendar to tick off the days I have completed the MVD.

The first day (today) I planned to select a sketchbook and post my project here.

Day 2 to 10 I will start my practice by selecting a prompt from a list I have made in Evernote. And If I procrastinate by thinking 'I don't know what to draw', I will draw what is in front of me. The first 10 days I will stick to drawing with my Rotring Art Pen.

I want to conquer this fear of the blank page AND discover my drawing style, that what makes me unique.