100 Days of Postcards

100 Days of Postcards - student project

Hello Skillshare family. I am trying to stay on top of this 100 Day project— I am finding that I end up having time to work after the kids go to bed (so very late at night) rather than what I’d hoped for— very early in the morning. So getting good pictures of my postcards the day I’m creating them and getting them posted to my IG is a challenge. Also hard: Thinking up messages and recipients to get the postcards I’m making! 


But I’m going to keep on trucking. Thank you to both instructors— I was really inspired by Rich to start the project, and loved the ideas from Amarylis. I am kind of regretting doing a project that isn’t all contained in one book I get to keep— all my work is sent away! Next time, I guess. 100 Days of Postcards - image 1 - student project100 Days of Postcards - image 2 - student project100 Days of Postcards - image 3 - student project