100 Days of Playwrighting and Creative Prompts!

100 Days of Playwrighting and Creative Prompts! - student project

So as part of building up my theatre company and creating work for it, I'm going to be doing #The100DayProject, but with two different facets.


On my personal instagram @sashavonthulen, I'm going to be documenting my journey writing my play Finding Galahad, with the hashtag #100DaysOfGalahad.

I've been working on it for a couple of years, but I've been so tied up with other responsibilities, I've kept putting it off and putting it off and developed really bad writer's block over it. Now that we're in Lockdown in Ireland, I finally have time and headspace to do it.

I have a simple goal. I need to spend 30 minutes per day on it. Whether that is assembling notes, or reading over old work, or researching. I don't have even have to write. I just have to spend time with the project, as a lot still needs to fall in place in my head.

If I'm going to be honest, I need to work on my why. I think a lot of my anxiety has come over the fact that the piece has funding, and I've a really good mentor (but I need to send him stuff to read) and the piece has gotten development support in the past, and that paralyses me. So maybe my why should be - because I need to tell this story, and I think I will feel really good when I hold the finished draft in my hands. It doesn't even have to be finished in 100 Days. All I want is to get into flow with it and start enjoying it. (THERE'S my why!)


On my business instagram @anamtheatre, I'm going to be bringing my acting and playwrighting students and anyone else who is interested, on a creative journey, with the hashtag #100DaysWithAnam, by sharing daily videos with creative prompts for practising theatre-making at home during this time of social distancing.

So it's one video daily - this gets uploaded to a playlist on YouTube, posted to instagram and facebook (I finally figured out Later), and I have a mailing list you can sign up to with daily emails, but also because we will be having a fortnightly Sunday Zoom Play Discussion Group. Anyone on the list will be pointed in direction of the script and will also get the Zoom invite.

My main why is to reevaluate my ethos as a teacher as it is in flux at the moment. I ran a more commercial venture for 10 years and I wound it down last year. I wanted to run workshops with my theatre company instead and have my personal practice inform my teaching and vice versa. I also want to focus more on personal creativity. But also, I am finding having started the challenge that I am learning much more about social media, so I think there will be the secondary advantage of getting stronger (and faster) at engaging with existing and potential students online. I also want to build up material for a more stand-alone project in future, whether it's an online course or a book. But this is far down the line - really my main why at the moment is to share my creative practice with others at this difficult time and teach from the heart.

My You Tube Playlist so far...