100 Days of Hand-Drawn Patterns

Step 1: My project is 100 days of hand-drawn patterns

Step 2: My daily deliverable is one pattern

Step 3: I will do this 5 days a week, first thing after getting ready for the day. I will start tomorrow morning.

Step 4: I will stay motivated by using social media and by using Asana

Instagram: instagram.com/rebeccaschultzdesigns (this is more than just the 100 day project, though, feel free to follow!)

Tumblr: rebeccaspatterns.tumblr.com

Step 5: 

1. cacti/succulents

2. mushrooms

3. pigeons in different hats

4. drinks

5. acorns

6. bowties

7. cats

8. crawfish in costumes

9. butterflies

10. floral design

Step 6: This is important to me because I have never done something daily for so long before. It'll be a fun challenge that I would be proud to accomplish. Perhaps I'll throw a party, as well, and start selling my patterns! The possibilities are endless. 

Feel free to message me on any social media site or email me ([email protected]) with suggestions for patterns or critiques on the patterns to come! 

Rebecca Schultz
Designer, Illustrator, Tea Drinker