100 Days of Art Portrait Experimentation

100 Days of Art Portrait Experimentation - student project

Hi guys! I am grateful for finding Rich Armstrong class, his encouragement is exactly what I needed. For my 100 days project I look forward to create one portrait a day and have fun researching and experimenting different possibilities. The goals are to find my own art style, develop an art series, grow in my skills in portraiture, move from traditional portrait to contemporary portrait and be able to extract later some for my portraits for  a new portfolio. I also have other ideas such as  beginning an online shop, learning how to market online, learning how to do interior murals, learning how to make an art book, etc... but I trust Armstrong that I should pick only 1 project so it can be successful and I have picked the portrait experimentation project, I believe it is a good start for me. I can later extend another 100 days for the next idea or whatever idea I get inspired after this first project (of course  after a good long break!!). Please do feel free to comment anything or cheer me up! Follow me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dafnewmfineart/?hl=en

The portrait digital drawing above is one of the last ones I did before I took Armstrong lessons, I had been stuck and did not make any more portraits for more than a week so far...hopefully with this challenge I will learn to keep going and keep exploring to find my style.