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100 Days From Now. A personal trip with professional implications.

Hugh Macleod described my situation best:

Yep. Another great white hope with bags of possibilities, but who is way too slow to pull the trigger on most of it. I'm very late to many important dates, so as a means of reversing misfortune, I thought I'd start by meaningul digital life by finding the essential building block I'll need to make my goals real: ME. I'm great at helping friends and clients thrive and succeed, but like a local golf pro, I don't seem to be willing or able to get my own game into tour shape. Seth expressed my problem brilliantly in his 2012 Start-up School. He responded to a question regarding one students situation, (and i'm paraphrasing Seth here):

If the pieces look good and the player looks good, yet there's no meaningul progess happening, guess what: you need to turn over the stones to find and slay the hidden fears blocking your path. 

I'm holding up my show, and I'm tired of it.

So, I decided to create a framework for actually finding and slaying those fears and impediments so that I can finally deliver on my promises. It's a simple premise: identify the things that are my biggest obstacles, detail goals that have value and then venture out – on my own and with the help of other unsuspecting bright lights – to see just what can be accomplished by seriously digging for the next 100 days. Again, the 100 Days idea is simply a device, and there is no real stop date, I just need to make this real, or I won't do it. You can pick any number you want, just be sure to get your hands very dirty along the way. Sort of like a personalized version of a Mike Rowe "Dirty Work" idea, in which I share what I've learned along my road less travelled in inspired ways.

I'm here to nail my framework, launch my project (the first of many I have planned for this trek), and keep it interesting for myself and others.

Happy to be here, happy to get started.


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