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10 years, 11 homes

From the years of 1993-2002 I lived in Santa Cruz. Goodness, I love that town. While I was there I lived in 11 different houses/apartments with 30 different people. It was wonderful. 

I'd like to create a drawn/perhaps painted abstract map- something pretty that could go on my wall as a reminder of those times.

A google map for reference, so I can see where everything is in relation to everything else.

 I love this from kottke.org- maybe something like this, with the houses in different colored pop out circles?

My hand drawn map. 

I love this style from Tokyo on Foot by Fourent Chavouet.

This is my Imaginary Cities image, which kind of turned itself around in an interesting way. I started out intending to trace out the roads at UCSC to create templates to cut out paper and create a mosaic-like depiction of the campus. As I started marking out the roads, however, I noticed that the areas were beginning to resemble little countries. This is quite fitting, as the school itself is seperated into "colleges", each with its own focus and personality. So instead of following the roads, I began to break up the campus by "territory", until it became its own little continent within the larger city of Santa Cruz. By then it reminded me so much of the depictions on globes that I had to color it in accordingly.

What was fascinating through this process was thinking about how arbitrary the border lines were; some based on roads, some based on the function of buildings in the area, some purely based on aesthetics of the map. 


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