10 words, 10 typefaces

10 words, 10 typefaces - student project

I love this project. Here is mine. 

  • For "Sporty" I wanted to go with something strong, chunky but with a bit of movement. It was also important to me that the typeface was a bit elegant because when I think of sports I usually go with gymnastics and similar stuff, and I think that is very elegant. That is why the typeface has those pointy ends. 
  • For "Beautiful" I wanted a calligraphy script. I just think this kind of typeface is beautiful because they're kinda imperfect and I never find good ways to use it because most of the time is hard to read. 
  • For "Simple" I'm using a typeface that is barely there: super thin and easy.
  • For "Loud" I went with a typeface that is all in uppercase, that is messy and has too much going on. It doesn't really follow a symmetric path and that is annoying, as it's loud places and loud people to me. 
  • For "Traditional" I decided to go with a medieval typeface. When I think of the use of the word "Traditional" I can't help but to give it a bad connotation of not welcoming nothing modern, new or anything else that hasn't been "normal". So, a medieval typeface was perfect for this. 
  • For "Childlike" I remembered that time of school when you're learning and perfecting writing and they make you do the same letters again and again, using a calligraphy notebook with those special lines in it. 
  • For "Ugly" I went with a font that is missing pieces, kinda like we always think that we are missing something to be able to be really beautiful. 
  • For "Danger" I think a big, readable and uppercase typeface is needed to be able to read it fast and from as far as possible from said danger. 
  • For "Futuristic" I wanted a font that was missing parts, that was simple and with letter that are almost merging into something else. I imagine a future where there are a lot of things from the present that don't exist anymore and where all languages are merging into only one. 
  • For "Flirty" I used a font that was curvy. It looks like the person who wrote it didn't have the time to give proper form to the letters because of all of the flirting. 

Almost all the fonts are taken from dafont.com.

10 words, 10 typefaces - image 1 - student project