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10 words 10 typefaces in 10 minutes

                       A selection of typefaces used in signage and book covers.

The choice of typeface reflects the message. Ie the diet book lettering is light and airey, whilst the maths book is solid and grid -like. The Indian take- away has an exotic Eastern feel to the lettering, whilst the haberdashery is playfull and organic.                      

I purposely tried to find more unusual typefaces. Some I like and some are just awful!!!

I think this selection works as individual words, but would not work as a sentence or in a body of text.

                                                    Examples of Kerning

I played around with a variety of typ and came up withthese three examples. The top one took a lot of time to balance the T and Y because the diffferent letter widths created a messy combination.

The second one was more straight forward although I had to play around withthe p, h, i and c.

The bottom one was the trickiest of all, the begining of the word is very wide and some letters have flourishes and some don't.


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