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10 things from my lunch break in the park

First of all, thank you for a fun class, Kate! I started this project with a loooong brainstorm period "What is My Collection That I Want to Draw?" Then at lunch the other day, my plan was to sit down and make a list over all these ideas, when it ocurred to me "What am I doing? Just draw...!" And so I did.

10 of the random things that surrounded me that day when I enjoyed my lunch break in a nearby park:


The raw scan. I like using colored pencils and so I did here. Very quick, very sketch-like (I had to get back to work after all...) and I used the same colors in the different elements.

Then, I cleaned it up a little in Photoshop:


I cleaned up the sketchbook page color, corrected some of the worst mistakes in the line work, cut out the sketchbook and put it on a solid background color.

Lately, I have been fighting a bad case of the dreaded "Blank Page Fobia" (which I desperately try to overcome by writing endless lists over ideas of what I want to draw...someday... Yes, I could be the greatest procrastinator, if I ever got around to it) The simplicity of this project was refreshing, when I decided to follow Nike's example and Just Do It. I'm going to need a bigger sketchbook...


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