10 things Millennials can do to get Rich

10 things Millennials can do to get Rich - student project

To instructor:   I’m using the Tips/List Nonfiction Book Structure and writing a body chapter. It is a work-in-progress chapter & feedback welcome.

1. Follow Your Passion

The millennial mindset belives there has to be ways to make things easier and faster.They don’t believe in hurry up and wait. They believe in hurry up and go. Therefore, if you are a millennial like I am then you know what I mean.

Everybody mostly those who care about you want to tell you what direction to take in your life. This may be to go to college or to get a certain job. But what if your job is not an easily descriable job title like social marketing expert or eCourse creator. What if your passion is develop games that you play that relax your mind or sharpen you skills.

What if you simply wanted to create video games? People not of your generation may not understand that and that is OK that is why I suggest as a tip to follow “your” passion. This does not mean to disregard the advice of people who care about you and instead it just means to be happy.

If you follow your passion then you already have a rich and rewarding mindset. That’s how you get rich in doing something you love to do.

L. Butler

All around Nice Guy