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10 Years of Open Source Machine Learning

Hello World!

After back and forth with a few ideas I decided to create my data visualization about open source machine learning project on Github.

In order to quickly collect the data I used import.io and converted this showcase page on Github into a CSV with the following columns:

– Project name

– Description

– Github URL

– Programming language

– Date of initial commit

– Number of Github "Stargazers"

I played around with different plots but a bubble chart seems a good way to convey 3-dimensional data (x-axis: date of initial commit, y-axis: different programming languages, bubble size: popularity).

I did have lots of iteration of different plots on RAW (which is awesome). Through some research I also found out about C3.js (slightly higher level than D3.js) but RAW was good enough for me!

Finally, I ended up using Sketch on Mac OS to clean everything up (axes, labels, icons, etc)...


The final data visualization is shown above and also a blog post I wrote on Medium about "10 Years of Open Source Machine Learning" if anyone is interested in learning more.

Really enjoyed the process and hopefully this is the first of many more data visualizations.

Thanks for a great course Nicholas and for building Reporter app!



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