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10 Words, 10 Fonts

I studied design and photography in university over 10 years ago and while I never worked professional in either field, that training is something I really enjoyed and have been able to incorporate into every job and most things I tackle. Type and typesetting is really fun for me, and I like the challenge of finding clear and unique ways to communicate ideas. These days I work at a non-profit and my design skills, though not part of why I was hired, have now put me in the unique position of training staff in basic design techniques using basic software, as well as designing the majority of our nicer materials for meetings, events, and workshops. I'd like to expand my skills further both for my current role and for personal projects and just for the joy of it!

Project: 10 Words, 10 Fonts
This was more fun than I expected. I found myself thinking of who or what I associated with certain words and that inspired the font choices. Most of these are fonts already installed on my computer or fonts I downloaded some time ago for fun and various projects. I wanted to really do this quickly and without over thinking it, so (this time) I didn't go down the rabbit hole of looking at font sites or everyone else's projects-- I just wanted to go with gut feelings and with what I had.


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