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10 Up - 10 Down

Card games have been around for centuries.  There are a variety of card games that require an aspect of scoring to determine a winner.  One of my favorite cards games is called 10 up and 10 down.  This game is great because it incorporates betting into strategy.  Intregal to this game is scoring.  Typically, someone is designated to keep score.  This can be difficult as the game progresses.  Further, this game requires constant shuffling and dealing from each player.

My goal is to develop an application that will assist with scoring, particularly with the card game 10 up and 10 down.  Alongside of scoring, the app will keep track whose turn it is to deal.  As my application progresses I would like to provide current statistics during the game and possibily enhance the game through collaborative game play on multiple iOS devices.

Stay tuned for more to come... Wish Me Luck!!


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