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Hi classmates and #professor--

I'm so glad that I'm a rabid fan of Gary, because I've been paying attention to the differentiation of what audiences want from different social media sites.

Let me back up--NOW I'm paying attention. Admittedly, Pinterest is a medium I don't really get, but should.

Case in point: I automatically pin my latest blog posts, and that's pretty much it. I know--#loser. Today I happened to come across this post and discoered that it had 500+ pins--Oops! I didn't even include a link or hashtags in the original description...

Needless to say, Pinterest proficiency is high on my lists of social sites to nail in 2014!

I'd love to connect with you and I welcome any suggestions you have for where anxious people hangout online...seems like a strange question since most of us are anxious at one point or another...

My blog is talktherapybiz

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