10 Dystopia Writing Prompts

10 Dystopia Writing Prompts - student project

A few are a bit darker but that's what dystopia is, horror with a dash of lightness in a society gone wrong. 1-3 were created using "Getting smaller", 4-6 were created using "Trouble Trouble" and 7-10 were created using "Busybodies".  

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  1. Education has moved towards a path of independence so much so asking for help results in certain death 
  2. Everyday a bell rings and you must submit a random number, this number could be the difference between fortune or misery 
  3. It has become illegal to show any emotions in public spaces, punishments include execution, whipping or torture. This breeds strong members of society  
  4. When a family dies all their debt is passed on to you. The issue? Late payments equate to you becoming a slave
  5. People with illnesses and diseases are killed on the spot to avoid contaminating the human genome
  6. Marriage and love are banned by the state
  7. Dying is no longer an option due to technological advances, this means you are easily exploited in terms of labour 
  8. Dating in the future was an impossible task until the invention of Robo Mate 
  9. Due to excessive poverty. It has become culturally acceptable for parents to sell their teenage children to strangers to perform tasks, these could innocent tasks, or perhaps darker?
  10. It is now legal to murder for personal growth. This means murdering Jerry is allowed if you are competing for the same promotion at work.     


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