10 Drawings

10 Drawings - student project

I used a succulent from my kitchen as a springboard for this exercise, and it does appear in most (though not all) the drawings. I initially chose it because I love the shapes, colors and textures the plant presents. It gets replaced in drawing #6 by a cactus and then disappears completely (except in #9, where it makes an appearance as a cartoon character) while cups and cats start showing up.

If I had to pick two that I consider finished, it would be #5, which is just a quick sketch playing with proportions, and #10, which is a blind drawing with my left hand. I love the playful, doodly character of it. Oh, and I just realized that the plant does show up: at the bottom!

Honestly, #8 and 10 were the most difficult for me because I didn't have a firm idea how to go about the composition and the time was so long. I think #1 and #9 warrant further exploration. I love the loose lines and the color of #8 but I hate the cat which was an addition to fill the time.

Ten things I've learned during this exercise:

1. I like drawing with charcoal. This is a first for me, but it helps me get out of my head and not worry about being exact.

2. I don't like drawing with an HB pencil. The lines are too hard.

3. I prefer adding shapes and lines vs. drawing without contours.

4. Drawing blind and/or with my less dominant hand is quite fun. I knew that already, but doing it again confirmed it.

5. But only is you don't have to freestyle for too long!

6. It bothers me a lot when animals look weird in drawings, but not when people do.

7. I enjoy loose, flowing lines.

8. I draw a LOT of lines!

9. Drawing with my Crayola pencils is very enjoyable. They create nice textures and have great colors.

10. I'm better at drawing plants than I was four weeks ago.10 Drawings - image 1 - student project10 Drawings - image 2 - student project10 Drawings - image 3 - student project