10 Day Journaling Challenge

Today I noticed that even though its supposedly warm morning compared to yesterday it was cold. It had rained all night long and is still quite windy this late November day. My dog Baby wanted outside then I saw my cat Smokey in the shed. He had been hurt by a mean, vicious neighbor, which thankfully is there only a couple of days. Smokey was shivering from the cold wind so I hunted up a blanket for him. Shortly thereafter, taking Baby into the house he was getting up to walk around a bit.

Day 2 (busy week so the gap)

My cat Smokey is much better after he insisted on going outside for a full twenty-four hours…literally. Within myself I struggled between forgiveness, love as God has forgiven and love me, and thinking of the bad things I would do to them for hurting my cat. Yet each time I would forgive those people and then I would ask God to forgive me for thinking the mean thoughts I had toward them. Likewise, even now still thank God for healing my cat. Naturally, I always work on myself of forgiving and loving people. It is something I continuously work on myself.  People in the past and people in the now.

Day 3 of Today sitting on the sofa that my husband’s shop-vac is in the living room, sitting nearby the fireplace. It wasn’t there yesterday before I went to work at the minimum wage grocery store. Nice to see that he does like our home to be clean. He works hard, and for a long time this year he worked seven days a week, and I feel bad for him. I wish I could do more for him, get a better job. That’s one reason I went to college, the other is because a dream of mine to be a web designer. So now I have this determination between him, me, and the ridiculous YTD salary on my paystubs to start writing, start my web design business, and even hand-lettering, who knows what else. 


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