10-Day Calligraphy Challenge

10-Day Calligraphy Challenge - student project

Day 1

Here we go! I finally cleaned off my desk so I could practice calligraphy. See? This class helped me accomplish 2 things today!

I've taken a couple modern calligraphy classes this past year and have swiftly forgotten about them and failed to practice. Then Christmas comes along and I think, "Man! What if I had stuck with it? I could be writing beautiful envelopes for my cards right now. "

That's what my temporary goal for this class is. I hope I can get myself in enough of a habit that I start practicing on the regular. 

Here's my 1st day with a Leonardt EF Principal Nib. Chosen at random.

10-Day Calligraphy Challenge - image 1 - student project

10-Day Calligraphy Challenge - image 2 - student project

Day Two

10-Day Calligraphy Challenge - image 3 - student project

Day 3

10-Day Calligraphy Challenge - image 4 - student project

I feel best about today! I have so much to learn and it's clear to me that practice is the only way to do that. I originally learned calligraphy with the italic alphabet. I got used to holding the pen a particular way and making my own guidelines. With pointed pen calligraphy, I'm learning to hold the pen at an entirely different angle. The 1st day, I was still holding it wrong! Now that I'm getting used to this style, I'm just starting to gain a little muscle memory.

I think the biggest thing that will help me is finding or making my own guidelines so I can consistently practice the letters with correct slant, height, and spacing. Doing it rather free-hand like this or with partial guidelines is freeing, but not really developing the habits I need to get better. 

I'm using exemplars from 2 different classes I've taken above--the first is more copperplate style and the second is a modern font. I like them both. I find that I'm more comfortable with the copperplate style. Looking forward to more adventures ahead!