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10-2 (Seize The Morning)

I want to develop a simple timer that leads the user (me) through several exercises in 8 minutes( hence 10-2).

The exercises will last 1 to 2 minutes each. The exercises will either give the user a simple prompt at the beginning to follow or will guide them through out the timed segment. A nonintrusive sound will indicate the end of each exercise.

Some of the exercises will prompt the user to write thoughts or responses. 

Premise: The user will sit down with this App in a quiet place with a piece of paper and pen. 

At the moment here is sequence:

A - Spiritual Seed - An encouraging or challenging message will be displayed to be contemplated and incorporated into the users day.  (Need to have 31 seeds that randomly appear but do not repeat within a month). 1 minute with writing. 

B - Meditate - Prompt user to meditate for 2 minutes. 

C - Forward towards the day - The user will be prompted to write out 3 things they are grateful for, write out a positive intention for the day and abandon their bitter past. 1 minute with writing. 

D - Journal - Similiar to Morning Pages, the user will be prompted to write for 2 minutes straight. 

E - Quote - The user will be prompted to contemplate a quote. (Need to source a large database of quotes).  1 minute. 

F - Dancing - A random song will be pulled out of the users iTunes library which they will dance to.  1 minute. 

Notes: At the moment this app is being developed only for my use. I may decide to change it to appeal to a larger audience. I'll happily take feedback for either scenario. 


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