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1. Get More Arms (and a second brain)

I started watching the videos for this class months ago. I downloaded a sweet free program called GeeTeeDee (for PC users). I began making my lists of to do items, and I haven't stopped.

The quiz sounds about right. Ok with the gathering and planning, but when the DO gets there, I'm already exhausted.

I am one busy woman. I often think that I need to narrow my focus, and I have slowly been letting that happen. My interests are many, and I love working - which to me means blogging, photography, creating videos, stocking my Etsy shop, managing my Skillshare Etsy class, volunteering, cooking, bicycling, the list goes on and on. Right now, I'm going to try to focus on creating a new, more focused style for both my Etsy shop, and the corresponding blog.

I'm enrolled in three more classes to teach me how to upgrade my blog to a full-blown website, and how to brand myself. I'm also updating, improving and adding to my own Skillshare course, participating in two challenges on GiveIt100.com (which means I make daily videos for both challenges and blogs to go with them), challenging myself to exercise daily, fulfilling orders for my Etsy shop, and probably a few more things I'm forgetting.

My husband is on the lookout for a new job, in our dream state of Oregon. We are also searching for a van to turn into a traveling house. We'd love to travel the country volunteering, making a documentary on how living a life of service changes your life, and your soul.

So, uh...yea. I think one of my eyes is going to pop out just reading this. However...I LOVE BEING BUSY! I just need a little help making sure I am making the most of my time, and learning to let go of projects that don't need to take place right now.


1 paper notebook (revised from 3)

Todoist (condensed from GeeTeeDee, Google Calendar and Ipad Reminders)

Evernote (haven't gotten the hang of that yet, but sooon!)

FULL DISCLOSURE - This is my work area:

UPDATE - 1/19/14

YES!!! :-)

Although, I have still been sleepless this week, thinking of things I have to do...I am LOVING GTD! It's more excitement than worry keeping me up.

I've been using Evernote, Todoist and have create a physical container system on my desk. My physical work area looks much different than the picture above (new picture soon). My next action for the physical realm is to utilize a file box I have to create folders for projects.

I downloaded "7 Sticky Notes" for Windows, and plugged in the checklists. It works just like Sticky Notes for Mac.

Right now, I'm scheduling my reviews on Google calendar, and am about to go through Todoist adding tags. It will feel good to take a look at all the open loops once again.

I'm so excited to look back in one month from now to see how productive I've been, and hopefully reduce my stress.


I personally use a spreadsheet to track my food, sleep, exercise activities. What does anyone/everyone else use, if anything?

Has anyone started a time-tracking program? I think I will check out some other projects now to see!

UPDATE 1/21/14

I just completed my first WEEKLY REVIEW! Heck yea!! I feel so great!

For the first time in my life, I can see all of the projects I have doing on, how they tie together, when they will all blossom, and exactly what I have to do to get them there. I even know that I have enough cat food to last until next paycheck, and that I'm actually going to mend the rip in my favorite flannel shirt later today.

I have had a pattern of putting 200% into things, becoming drained, and getting depressed - not seeing how any of my projects will ever "matter." NOT ANYMORE! Granted, this class hasn't taught me how to "relax," but it is the first step. I can optimistically, and realistically, estimate that in a few weeks time, I will be able to relax more.

I am able to take on more tasks successfully, personal and otherwise, without feeling panic. I am able to know exactly what I am capable of, and with time-tracking, how long I can expect it to take.

Currently LISTENING to: Pandora Radio - Aphex Twin station for the Weekly Review Process and Inbox clearing


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