1 hour a day, at least 5 days a week.

My story:

I have been working as a software engineer for 2.5 years. I am a relatively healthy 25 year old female. While I used to be quite active (even if it was just walking a lot), that is not the case anymore. I recently married and my almost 5 year old stepson keeps me moving sometimes, but I need to take charge more of myself.

Like I mentioned, at the moment I am realitively healthy - 5'2", ~125 pounds. Though from high schoool and through college and grad school I was under 120, so I have started to notice the effects of sitting (I know, its only 5 lbs, but when you have been relatively the same weight for 9 years gaining a few pounds in a few months is noticeable). Also I'm starting to get soft where I used to be toned, and I just don't like it. People teased me that it would be downhill after marriage, but I am determined to stay in shape and feel good about myself.

As of work starting back up in January, I have joined a gym and now a colleague and I work out 5 days a week - MWF is weights during lunch and TuTh is the pool in the morning. I'm not sure this is enough, but it is certainly better than nothing. I have also started to track what I eat - just so I am more aware and really think before eating things (I have a really really soft spot for chocolate). The hard part comes in March when my coworker will stop joining me at the gym (she is due to have her first baby). I just know it will be much harder to go on my own so I am trying to create my good habits now so I'm ready when she leaves. Also I find at the moment that I am starving all the time. I am hoping this cools it down a bit as my body gets used to being slightly active again!

My goals:

  1. Continue to work out 3-5 times a week throughout the year.
  2. Pay more attention to what I eat (not only do I need to stop snacking, I need to eat healthier in general).
  3. Track my measurements and current strength limits to see how I grow over the year.


  • Monday Jan 14: Gym for 1 hr. ~15 minutes of cardio (bike and elliptical) and ~35 minutes of weight lifting (focusing on legs and core, my arms were exhausted).
  • Tuesday Jan 15: Pool for 30 minutes. ~900 meters of freestyle and breast stroke.



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