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1 Trick Pony Bluberry Package


My name is Rodney Ibarra and I am a graphic designer at 1 Trick Pony. In addition to design work, I spend a lot of time learning about hand drawn type and taking on freelance work. This is the second class I've taken at Skill Share, with the first being a Rock Poster class with the fine folks at DKNG.

The project I'm taking on is that of a yearly self promotional package for delicious Hammonton blueberries. The thing about this project is that it's for my employer. Every year, most of the designers at 1 Trick Pony participate in a friendly competition, where we all show designs for the blueberry package, and everyone votes. The cover photo I have currently is my non-winning entry from last year. 

This year I'm going to hand draw the package to give it a bit of charm. Hammonton was dubbed the "Blueberry Capital of the World" by Ronald Reagan in the mid 80's when he visited the small town. I am looking to play up on the presedential  theme, with a touch of antique farm signage. 

The restrictions of the project are, it has to fit within a specific template and we can only use a specific Pantone Red & Blue.

Hope you'll follow me as this project comes to fruition.

For info on current designers on the mood board, visit my ThingLink page. 


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