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Kate Weybret

Photographer & Designer



1 Page Responsive Site

I'm taking this class so I can build out a minimal, 1-page, responsive site for a branding client. I've dabbled in HTML and CSS over the years but am eager to have a better understanding of it! Enjoying the class so far.


I am having one little issue I can't resolve. Not a big deal but it's a mystery I'd like to solve and understand! I'm building the site with the CSS separate from the HTML. I have 2 CSS files, one for the layout and one for styling. For some reason at this stage the styling on my text, which is in <p> tags, won't apply. I have to place my paragraph styling under a body tag in order for it to apply to my text. If anyone sees something wrong in the code below, please let me know!

index.html file links to CSS files and shows text (ex: col-1) in <p> tags.


style.css file with paragraph styling applied to body tag. When I replace "body" with "p", the styling will no longer apply. 


My responsive site is up and running and me and the client are really happy with it! I was able to get to respond to width and height, meaning the page scales from the bottom up rather than cutting into the page as the window gets smaller, and the first container is always the height of the window. It can be seen and tested here: kateemma.com/peah



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