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1 Month Sketching Challenge

Hi All! 

I found today about the challenge, and found it perfect to get back with my watercolors. 

I'm using Winson&Newton Watercolor, Strathmore Mixed Media 140lb paper and Micron Markers. 

Day 1: Self-Portrait

I've used used Raw Sienna, Paynes Grey and Winsor Red. Micron 0.05. 

This is a first of drawing myself realisticaly - and I'm pretty happy with te result! The very very thin micron helped me have a more free line. Also it helped having the values on the side, specially to build up the face. 



Day 2: Trees

It's now the season for the blooming of the cherry trees, and Vancouver has many of those! I was inspired to draw one from the Emery Barnes park.  



Day 3: My Dinner

I've used used Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, Paynes Grey and Winsor Red.  Having a limited palette is really helping me with consistency. 


 Day 4: Building

I used the Prussian Blue, Raw Sienna and Burnt Amber to sketch the building I can see from my appartment. And as always in Vancouver, it's a stormy rainy night. 

See below the first sketch, painted just as I had initially planned. 



Once I finished, I felt that it was missing that "rainy night feeling" so... after scanning the illustration... I decided to have another go and experiment (for better or worse) by adding a darker background.


I still like more the first one, I lost the watercolor stain I really liked, plus other details, but still I'm happy to have tried it!  


Day 5: Fruit 

I've been wanting to draw the Dragon Fruit for a while, as I love the color and the weird shape. (And it's also a delicious fruit!). Used Olive Green, Permanent Rose and Paynes Grey. 



Day 6: Book

I've just started reading The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman.  It's about designing things that are usable, understandable and enjoyable, and a lot more. 

I used Raw Sienna, Winsor Red and Paynes Grey. 


I'm not sure why but I made a tiny tiny illustration!


Day 7: Drink

I like drinking tea before going to sleep. I prepared a meyer lemon herbal tea on a tea cup painted by my mom.

I used Veridian Green for the cup, burnt umber, raw sienna, paynes grey and some winsor read. I tried to play more with the shadow this time. Also, the Veridian Green was a bit dried or something and the pan stayed on the brush. I decided to used this as a texture on the cup. 


Day 8: Shoes

I like confortable colorfull shoes. Below my Nike. 


Day 9: Clothes

Ice hockey is pretty new for me.... and since I've moved last year to Vancouver, i've adopted the Canucks (the vancouver team). Tonight was my second night going to the stadium, and yey! we won again!!! 

By the way... they have the best looking tshirt :) 


Day 10: Appliance 

I always have a toast for breakfast... so I would say my toaster is indispensable! :)  

I've used winsor red, paynes grey, and raw umber. 


Day 11: Vegetables

I really like tomato and lettuce salad (with onion & lemon juice)... and also, they were the only vegs I had! 

I'm starting to play a lot more with the watercolor stains, and wet on wet. 


Day 12: Things you collect

From everyplace I've been, I buy a magnet to fill my fridge :) This tiny shoes magnet is from Holland. 


Day 13: Family

My sister Guadalupe is having her first baby girl soon!

So I've based the illustration on a photo she sent me a few weeks... (had to made the belly bigger :) ) . I'll surpraise her with the sketch ;)


Day 14 Sketching Materials

It's being a really busy week! and had little / no time to sketch for the last days. 

So here is my sketching material portrait. I have some crayons I like to use over gouache and watercolor. I love the texture that they provide. And I have an expresso cup from Starbucks that seems to be made for holding crayons :) 


Day 15 Strangers

I live on a 6-floor appartment and have a view to the street. It took me 2-3 nights to finish it as I had only time to sketch very late at night... and there were very very very few "strangers" walking by. It was on the first big gap of no strangers walking that I started drawing the type... I really like the combination of both. 

I've used paynes grey and raw sienna. 


Day 16 Flower

I don't know the type of tree of this flower, it's kind of the cherry blossom but with a different type of flower. I've also used some crayons over this illustration to get some texture. 


Day 17 Bag

I love the kind of retro look of this bag. My friend gave it to me a few years ago and I still use it very often. 


Day 18 Accesories

I have many places to save up earings, necklesses and other jewelry. This is one... and one of my fav. earings. 


Day 19 Patterns

I was inspire by a textile I had around to make this pattern. This time i started with very loose watercolors, and then used the marker on top. 


Day 20 Animal

I had missed this one from a few days ago, so here it is! a Westy. 


Day 21 Dessert

Essential freezer item :)  


Day 22 Texture

it took a long time to finish this one. I don't think I've ever look on jean so closely. :) 


23 Everyday activities of people

I drew my husband playing the guitar. I found it very dificult, the face, the hands. I made a previous sketch where I painted the beard with the marker but he looked like a very old man...  On this sketch, I decided to paint it direclty.. so it would be more light (lesson learned!). 


24 Furniture

I have the 4-set of the eammes chair, and always one has this cushion on it. I enjoyed trying to simulate the different textures, the plastic & the wood legs, and the carpet. 


25 Something old

I've been moving a lot, and I couldn't find anything really old. This is a coin elephant bank, and bought it a few years ago while living in london. I love the magenta color, and how it stands out on white furniture. 


Day 26 Something new

I was thinking about this... and how something new could be anything. I tried bubble tea this week - which is a cold tea, very very sweet (or at least to much for me!) and usually sweet pearls / black bolls are added (not sure what the pearls are really...). Can't say it's my thing yet... but I would definetly try again with much less sugar :)

I sketched the tea on my desk with the my notebook behind. 


27 Coffee Shop

This corner coffee shop it's just around where I live, so I always pass by. 


28 Transport

I made a sketch from a picture of the bike I had back in London, which I sold just before moving to Vancouver. I loved the vintage look and the light blue color.



29 Toiletries

I keep my perfumes over there.. so I choose one of my favourites perfumes. 


30 Contents from...

Really liked sketching all the things I could find on the fridge. It's a mix of everything... even left-over easter egg... 

I've also played with the crayons again. 


31 What captures your senses

i'm always inspire by plants - I have tons of plant on my appartment.


Can't believe that it's been 31 drawings. I felt that I was able to get more loose and experiment a lot more than usually. 

Thanks Elisa for organizing it, it has been a lot of fun!

I've also updated my sketches on my illustration journal here :) 


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