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1 Month Sketch Project

I got started late on these, so I'll be playing catch up. Enjoy!

Day 28: Transportation

This will probably be my last sketch that I upload. For this sketch, I chose to sketch my scooter. I bought her about a year ago after selling my motorcycle and I love her! She's the main way I get around as well as get to work. I don't have a car, so this is my way of getting to places hard to reach via public transportation. Oh, and her name is Lily. :)


Day 19: Accessory

For this sketch, I went with the one thing I wear every day, my leather bangle. It has my name on it and I've owned it since high school. I particularly tried to capture the wear on the leather on the inside of the cuff. you can see some of that in the sketch.


Day 18: Bag

Today's sketch features my backpack. I live in DC and commute either via scooter or public transportation, so this is a must. I didn't realize how monochromatic this bag was until I started painting it.


Day 16: Animals

For this sketch, I went with my loyal companion, Rocky. He's part Jack Russell, and is extremely energetic. The only way for me to get him still long enough for me to sketch him was to give him a bone. He has a specific chewing towel, which you see under him. Enjoy!


Day 14: Sketching Materials

Below are my sketching materials. For the watercolor piece, I've actually been using water color pencils for most of the items, as they are a little more portable to my work. I can then use very minimal water to saturate the colors.


Day 10: Appliance

I picked one of the more boring appliance I think. I looked around my kitchen and I don't really have that many appliances. I've tried to simplify my life, so I don't have things like a coffee maker, or a toaster.


Day 7: Beverage

I love coffee. My beverage drawing today is my favorite coffee mug. I've had this mug for probably about 7 years. When I started this sketch, there was coffee in the mug. by the time I got to coloring, the coffee was below my vantage point. 


Day 4: Building

For today's challenge, I drew the building that is outside of my window at my job. I'm not really sure what it's for, but it has some interesting lines, so I wanted to sketch it. Any thoughts as to it's purpose? I've incuded a photo of the building for comparison.




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