#1 Formuma to Fast Language Learning

#1 Formuma to Fast Language Learning - student project


Hello, everyone curious enough to know the secret to becoming a boss at Language learning. I am sure you are, that's why you made it so far.


As the saying goes “the new language is a new vision of life” and “the limits of your language limits your world”


I would say this is the perfect opportunity for you to start something great in your life. Everyone has 24 hours in a day and how you utilize it matters.


I have started learning the language for the last 5 years but never made it to the end, had to leave in between as I got bored after some time and lost my focus. Until I figured out how to succeed. 


Yes here are the 4 tips, I would like to share


  • Consistent
  • Play Short
  • Have Patience
  • Make Notes


  • 1. Be Consistent: Consistency is the key to success not only in learning a language but in any field of be it health, fitness, sports, studies, business, work-life or anything. Consistency doesn’t come handy; you must have a goal to support it. It's all a mind game, give it a number that for example, I will do it daily for the next 21 days, till then it will become a habit so it will be easy.

There are various platforms through which you can start your journey, but the one which I have opted and liked the most is through 3 Minute Club. He is a great teacher and explains everything very easily.

His courses for different languages are available on Udemy and Skillshare both you can check the links, I have preferred skillshare because all courses are available at a single cost with membership and along with any other course you want. Rather than on Udemy where you have to buy each course. But I will leave it up to you, Here are the links for Both

#1 Formuma to Fast Language Learning - image 1 - student project


  • 2. Play Short: It doesn’t mean you have to spend so much time from your hectic schedule to learn a language. A new technique, which I have learnt is just spare 3 minutes from your busy day and start your language learning process from today. Language is a thing which separates it from others that you start with full inspiration and learn for 30-60 minutes per day for a few days and get bored, don’t do this. 


  • 3. Have Patience: Have you heard about getting rich overnight? Same goes with language, it doesn’t happen. You have to be patient, just think if you haven’t learnt it so far what’s going to happen if it will take 1 more year or life by spending just 3 minutes. I can bet it’s even less than the time you must be taking to wake up in the morning.


  • 4. Make Notes ; Another wonderful tip which I have learnt from my experience is notes. Remember how it works in school days when our friends' notes make things easier for us. Same goes here, you sometimes may feel stuck, bored or not understanding anything at that time it will help to take a clue and learn easily.


Bonus Tip: If you want to go free and don’t want to spend anything for learning, then also don’t worry, the structure may lack but it won’t be disappointing. You can go for Free youtube course videos like-  French pod 101, French with Alexa, these are my favourite which I have opted for french, and you can research for yours too.


I hope guys, this information will be helpful to you and language learning is always successful with practice, If you have your friends who have started learning with you then it's wonderful but those who haven’t you can go online and find your language partner on various language exchanges and for me Hello Talk have done wonders.


This is the platform, which I have started to gather my learning process and share it with the world. Do comment below what you have learnt last week so that others can get inspired.