#1 Female Memory Champion of the World does what?

#1 Female Memory Champion of the World does what? - student project
  • The top 5 markets (or categories) you want to enter, and explain why

1. Playing (psychology, recreational activities, self-development)
"I believe in helping people view life through the lens of play. To see the world as a playground, and their work as a game. The way I do this is by speaking at fun live events, and making products and services that spread happiness."

2. Learning how to learn (education)

3. Languages (language learning industry)

https://angel.co/language-learning - iTalki, Memrise, Anki,

4. Memory (study techniques and tools)

5. Technology (learning how to learn)

  • Edit 2-3 images, including any tips or tricks you learn along the way
  • Write captions for your images, including 4-6 strategic hashtags


#1 Female Memory Champion of the World does what? - image 1 - student project

Things that need to change:
+ The past few weeks I've only been uploading the same-ish things to Facebook and Instagram, which probably isn't very exciting for the people who follow me on both.

+ My bio is way too crowded for a minimalist audience and not obvious enough.
What is the purpose of a bio?
To give a good first impression and CTA - follow me, because I'm dope and I do dope shit à la Yeezus.

- #1 Female Memory Champion of the Worldstays, this is true and just one line
Austinis this really important? You should be able to see where I am through händelser? Even if you can't, how important is it for reaching certain markets?
Lenguas - this is true, but is there a more elegant way to convey this? Do I need it in the bio?
VR - this is a half-truth, it ties in with technology. This probably needs to be edited.
23 stört kalla vintrarpoints out that I speak Swedish and how old I am
Super-cali-feministica little unclear, a little fun. Why do I need this though?
- Promo for latest YouTube thangneeded, although YT-links are always so ugly.

Why do people follow me?

  • To be inspired (and believe they can do it too, especially the girls)
  • To learn how to learn languages (and remember more)
  • To be entertained

Why do I upload things?

  • To feel connected and feel like I matter to someone
  • To feel that I'm contributing, creating and giving to people
  • To confirm the positive things in my life (but why? This can breed jealousy and social media one-up-womanship).

General questions

Does it really make sense to track metrics when your following is smaller?

Do you really want the audience that traditional media brings?
Yes and no. They're still the same audience, assuming most people who watch TV also have IG...


TV appearances Q2

The Brain China - most Chinese people don't use IG
The Swedish Show - most Swedish people use IG


- Followers?
- User engagement
- ?