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Sarah Coffey

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1-Day Decluttering to Boost Your Brain

Project Title: 1-Day Decluttering To Boost Your Brain

Clutter is a common problem that distracts and drains us, but most of us have trouble finding the time or engergy to deal with it. In this class, you'll learn to start with one small decluttering project, focusing on the part of your space that feels the most stuck. By picking a space that has a symbolic connection to something in your life or work you want to change, you'll find energy you didn't know you had—and you'll start to clear your mind, too.


Your assignment is to declutter the part of your home or office that feels the most stuck. Your goal is to open up both phsyical space and headspace in the process. You'll learn how to tell the difference between an object that drains you or energizes you. By focusing on one small space that represents a hurdle you want to overcome, you'll tackle any fears or sense of overwhelm that's been standing in your way, and you'll invite new energy in.


Students will take before and after pictures of their space and upload them to the project gallery. 


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