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Spencer Schimel

UX/UI Designer, Teacher, and Mentor



1 Color Snail


I've decided that a snail would be a fun mark to create. It's body is made up of two quite simple forms, drasticly different from one another. Not sure if texture or color will come through in my final mark, but will be fun to explore.

I'm leaning towards the two left-most snails at the top of the mood board. I like that the head is down, and it appears to be using it's whole body to drag this large shell. I also like the simplicity of the form when it's body is a bit straighter.

Hand Sketches

I ended up combinging the body of snail 1 in my moodboard with the shell of snail 4 (which could be made a more graphic silhouette.

Creating visual breaks between the shell and body has been the trickiest part of skecthing, but I wanted to challenge myself to a one color logo.

Rough Drafts

I think the first sketches shell feels a bit too 'elevated' of the snail's body, but feels a bit more like a shell than the second sketch.


The refinement process started to get very messy, and made me realize that my logo was a bit too complex.

I decided to simplify it pretty drastically by using far fewer circles, and cutting out a lot of the extraneous details and curves. 


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