01001100-Lillith - student project

My character lillith who I made after my love for fallout. I researched  about pin ups and the fashion from 1930,40, and a little bit of the 60's. I used a lot of dita von like people for reference and used a lot of cyber punk pictures for tech ideas and found Hiroto Ikeuchi who makes wonderful and realistic masks. As soon as I found this 01001100-Lillith - image 1 - student projectI knew exactly what I was going to do with my character and went to go look for reference poses and found a more show time like feel would fit her best,and from there decided that I'd make my character a very dramatic type obsessed with everyone being a character.Finally I made color, and clothing decisions. Based on how I thought it would make the character fit in the more futuristic and more creative New york. I came up with the name Lillith based on old movies from 20's and 30's and how when it involved the devil he usually has some woman named Lillith. I also figured she'd name herself Lillith since she is literally crazy over theater. Here is some pictures I also used :01001100-Lillith - image 2 - student project01001100-Lillith - image 3 - student project01001100-Lillith - image 4 - student project