...I am what I choose to become. ~Carl Jung | Skillshare Projects

Lisa Rivas

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...I am what I choose to become. ~Carl Jung

Decided to do another collecting of fonts but around my house, where the words, color and maybe the style  actually had some importance to me.


I really like the concept of making letters out of found shapes. I'm considering going around my house again and collecting the letters hidden in my paintings.


This is the quote I am going to do! And then hang it in my house as artwork!


Tried the Kerning Game and scored 91 on my first try!



Another sampling of fonts for a general Hispanic Grocery Store. It's all about the picture and the font is simple. Some are classic styles, like the intense blue of the "Maria cookies", even the cookie design!

The collection of Piggy Banks was just for fun... I'm getting ito animals now!


•   ∫   •   ∫    •   ∫   •   ∫   •   ∫   •   ∫   •   ∫   •   ∫    •   ∫   •   ∫   •   ∫   •   ∫   •   ∫   •   ∫    •   ∫   •

Here's some signs and typefaces from the local hardware store. I find them extremely boring but very legible. A lot of this packaging is geared to the color of the store "Home Depot" which is very interesting. Should go and check "Loews" now. I have a few more collections coming up!




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