....and by "buff" I mean, not a lazy ass.

I started this healthier way of living a few months ago, mainly to avoid a bigger butt, but as I've rapidly learned, my butt is NOT the issue. 

I'm a rather successful 25 year old art director for a food magazine. I also work on food packaging. My job is LITERALLY food. I spend hours upon hours searching images, recipes, techniques, etc, all while sitting at a desk. As I went through college and the first few years of my career, THAT was the most important. Meeting deadlines, finishing projects, pleasing clients/bosses/coworkers/etc, but never me. While I love my job, I love myself more. 

Since deciding on changing my whole life around, I've adopted the green smoothie as my breakfast every day, A LOT of vegetables mixed into my diet, and I've cut almost all dairy, red meat and pork. With the diet change alone, I'm 15lbs lighter and infitely amazed at how much better I feel. ENERGY? I don't even think that was in my vocabulary before. Not feeling like a human sloth (no matter how cute they are) isn't something I ever want to go back to. 

Aside from diet, I've also joined a real awesome gym and gotten a big scary trainer. I'm not sure how tall he is, but I'm 5'11 and he towers over me. If not for my own determination, his intimidation would definitely do the job. I'm doing cardio and circuit training 4-5 times a week and I've never felt so rewarded, and sore. 

I want to participate in this class as a reminder to myself to not revert back to my old lifestyle. This is a lifestyle change I NEED, for myself and everyone around me. 


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