Christóbal Bernal

Experimental visual scientist residing in New York



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So I tried to work with materials that allowed for chance to take a role in making marks while still being able to control the setting and the variables. I'm going to revisit this most likely with another approach and different set of materials. Thanks for looking. to be continued . . .


sumi ink and bb pellets. I would have been okay stopping here


tried using an earth magnet as a stamp using the pellets. Will revist using acryclic or a heavier body medium.


curious about the use of a glass marble



let chance and radomness control the inked pellets


controlled the pellets from beneath the sheet of paper using the earth magnet to make alternating trails that would change according to the clusters themselves changing. Droplets of rain were added by taking the sheet temporary outside while it rained just because fuck it.


using a k-60, always satisfying and I like the smell of krink in the morning


wouldn't call this final but it's where I'm at. I had intended to limit color to black and white but I'm enjoying the contrast and added texture a softer color adds.

Thanks again for looking at some process and some results


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